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504 Renton Center Way SW #3 Renton, WA 98057

Customer Comfort


comfort.jpgAHCC has a state of the art office. State of the art facility created with you and your pet's comfort in mind. We have tried very hard to make this a stress reducing environment for everyone. The entire facility is climate controlled in three separate zones. We have clean, filtered fresh air exchanged in every part of the facility every 7 minutes. For people and pets with allergy issues this can be a real blessing. These air exchanges also help remove odors and airborne diseases, mold and any other unwanted particles out of the air. We have super energy efficient lighting, high ceilings and soft neutral wall colors that, when combined, help maximize the intensity of lighting while capturing soft natural light for a more home like environment. While you are waiting or filling out paperwork, make sure to help your self to our refreshment center where we offer cold water, coffee, tea, hot coco, and treats. You can relax in one of our comfortable back supporting, cozy chairs and watch or listen to one of many soothing nature DVD's. We have coloring books, games and toys in the exam rooms for the kids to keep them entertained during your appointment and when the doctor comes in they will be included in the exam to help learn how they can be part of keeping the family pet healthy. How cool is that!

first_walk.jpgWhen you first walk in to our facility one of the most striking things that you will notice is that our floor appears to be made from wood planks. Actually, it is a vinyl and ABS composite wood simulated floor. We chose this not only for its looks and durability but its serious slip resistant features as well. Because it's vinyl, keeping the floors sanitary is easily achieved. As one moves through the facility into treatment, surgery, radiology, anywhere behind the exam rooms, we have textured slip resistant VCT. The biggest benefit to having slip resistant flooring is for dogs with bad knees, back/hip issues, or that are just plain afraid, have an easier time walking through the facility by not slipping and sliding on a typical waxed vinyl floor. This helps keep their stress level down on what can already be a stressful day for them.

This is your time

your_time.jpgYour Time is valuable. AHCC has designed our reception area to keep the focus on you. There is nothing more frustrating than being at your doctor, dentist, or vet's office trying to ask a question, schedule an appointment, or check out and have the receptionist or technician constantly distracted by the phone ringing or interrupting your time to handle other things. It makes you feel as though you are imposing, being rushed and quite frankly unimportant. AHCC has attempted to solve this problem three ways:
1) Turning down/off the phones at the reception desk and creating a phone/ appointment booking area away from the main lobby.
2) Utilizing a phone system for routing some of the calls to their appropriate location for callbacks later in the day.
3) Having extra staff available to manage client flow and work load.


Thinking of all of our customers

The entire facility is ADA handicap compliant. We do not have stairs or any other type of dangerous entry like super busy streets near the entrance (unlike the old ‚Äčfacility). We have two ADA parking stalls, and an ADA entrance that accommodates wheel chairs for the elderly and disabled. The facility has an open floor plan with extra wide hallways and two ADA compliant restrooms. This is another area where slip-resistant floors are helpful, if a pet has an accident on the floor or if a child has just spilled some water, the texture of our floors make them less slippery than regular vct or other inferior floor types


Keeping in Touch

keep_in_touch.jpgAHCC Keeps in touch. Here at AHCC we have one of the most advanced computer systems that is fully networked throughout our facility. This system is constantly evolving to be the most technically advanced on the market. We have integrated email so that we can always keep in touch with our clients anywhere and at almost anytime, giving them updates on their pets or to simply answer questions. Our hearing impaired clients love the email system, which bridges the gap for clearer, accurate communication. We also have web cams, digital pictures and limited video capabilities that, at your request, (depending on circumstances, work load, and other factors) we can email you pictures, video clips or real time webcam sessions so you and your pet can stay in touch.


When calling AHCC

You will initially be greeted by automated greeting followed by five options to route your call. This is not an attempt to be impersonal. It's all about accuracy and efficiency. We created this system so that we could serve you better. For example: clients that have not been in for a while may not know that we moved. How horrible would it be to make an appointment, drive to our location only to discover that we weren't there anymore. Adding insult to injury, if you left home without the phone number, your whole day has now been disrupted. The phone options are:

1) Hours and Directions,
2) Medication request line,
3) Message line for one of our Registered Veterinary Technicians,
4) Direct line to speak to a receptionist.
These phone options help prevent lost or inaccurate messages; keep you from being placed on hold unnecessarily; and allow us to devote more time to clients that are currently in the Care Center while still allowing us to communicate with callers.

Other Amenities

There are over 60 dormitory style cages in varying sizes from cats/small dogs all the way to very large dog, double capacity rooms with their own natural lighting. All complete with clean warm dry bedding that is changed daily or as needed, nutritious veterinary approved food and clean water. All of our guests get fresh air and exercise on leash at least three times a day by our trained professional staff. Our exercise method helps train your pet to walk on a leash and prevents accidental dog fights. To prevent unexpected mishaps we do not believe in confined / penned outdoor exercise time. Facilities that use this method don't always monitor the dogs as they should, allowing fights to break out. Additionally, the outdoor kennels are rarely cleaned properly exposing the pets to parasite contamination from the feces of other dogs. Indoor socialization/ play time is available for puppies and small to medium size dogs depending the overall health, condition(s) and behavior(s) of the pets that are our guests each day.


parking.jpgParking at AHCC AHCC has virtually unlimited parking with 43 of our own parking stalls, and a cross agreement with Fred Meyer for the ongoing use of as many over flow parking stalls as we need. The lot and building are well lit at night for your safety; and we have easy access off of busy Rainier Avenue so that you are not pressured by traffic load in any direction, when entering our parking lot. Sometime late this year or early next year, the city of Renton will be providing a left hand turn lane, on Rainier Ave. westbound, and 4th place that will give westbound travelers even easier access to our facility.


You never have to worry about the safety of your pets during their stay here. AHCC is built completely out of non-combustible eco-friendly material. For an extra measure of safety we have a professionally monitored integrated smoke and fire alarm system that will sound off and strobe within the building when set off. Simultaneously the fire department would be notified and on site in a matter of minutes. We also have an alarm system monitored by ADT with motion detectors strategically placed through out the facility to keep pets and property safer in the event of a break in. Should the power fail, for your pet's safety and comfort, we have an emergency backup generator to keep the lights on and heat going until the power can be restored. 

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